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Video Animation Tools

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The term Video Animation indicates the visual representation of data and concepts through images, colors, graphs and illustrations in an animated and engaging way. In a learning perspective they can be very useful because they help and facilitate the understanding of complex concepts through a visual retention of the message.

Overview of online tools for creating video animations

Provided below is an overview of the most popular online tools currently available to create animated videos from different templates and customizable elements. In general, free versions allow users, upon registration, to use basic templates and a limited set of graphic elements to create their videos. Proprietary versions allow users to access a wider set of templates and functionalities.
Tool Specialization Description Free/Proprietary
Moovly Generic Moovly is an online tool which allows users to create animated videos, brief presentations, display ads, interactive banners and video-infographics based on available templates. The drag and drop functionality allows to easily create the content, upload personal assets and customize them.. Free version: Users can create videos but not in high resolution (480px) with a maximum of 10 minutes length.

Paid version: Users can download their videos for an offline use.

Powtoon Generic PowToon is a drag-and-drop video creation solution that’s easy and even fun to use, thanks to some eye-catching and entertaining designs. It has created a number of ready-made templates that users can customize, from marketing videos to internal meeting videos and even resumes. Free
Goanimate Generic GoAnimate is a type of video creation software that provides a simple drag-and-drop feature to make easy for anyone to create videos. It offers a selection of templates, backgrounds, music, sounds, characters, and even languages or accents for your characters. Free
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