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Blend of the words information and graphic, the term indicates a visual representation of complex data or concepts through images, colours, graphs and illustrations. They are designed to make large amounts of complex data understandable ‘at a glance’; in fact, the visual element enhances the decoding and retention of the message. Well-designed infographics have perceptual, motivational, and cognitive characteristics that make them exceptionally valuable for instructional content, including improving:

Overview of online tools for creating video animations

Provided below is an overview of the most popular online tools currently available to create infographics from different templates and customizable elements. Some of these tools come in two versions – free and proprietary. In general, free versions allow users, upon registration, to use basic templates and a limited set of graphic elements to create their infographic. Proprietary versions allow users to access a wider set of templates and functionalities.
Tool Specialization Description Free/Proprietary
Venngage Generic Venngage is an online tool which allows users to create a big variety of products for free like animated and interactive infographics, reports, posters, promotions and social products. The platform is user-friendly and easy to use and the style modern and professional.

Users can create infographics based on available templates, icons and pictures with the possibility to publish, preview, share and download their content. Really interesting is the feature which allows to add interactive elements as quiz, poll and forms.

Free version: It allows users to create visuals in a clear and professional way through the use of many sources such as icons and charts.

Paid version: With the Premium or Business plan users can also export their creative content in PNG, PNG HD and interactive PDF.

Piktochart Charts/Maps/Graphs With a set of professional design tools, Piktochart helps users in designing presentations. They can combine themes, shapes, icons, vectors, text, interactive charts, maps, uploaded images and export charts. It allows also to directly import personal data or survey results and convert them into visuals. Free version: it allows users to create simple and neat infographics based on 3 basic themes. It allows a maximum of 40 MB of uploading material with the possibility to export it only in pictures format but not in PDF.

Paid version: contains a high-quality range of templates and customizable elements; features a Drag-and-drop system that lets users easily insert images, icons, charts and graphics.

Infogram Interactive charts and maps Online tool which enables users to convert data into infographics with a wide availability of effective icons, templates, charts and graphic tools. Free version: it allows users to create infographics but with a limited number of features (10 projects, up to 2 maps and 2 images uploads)
Tableau Public Generic Desktop product that can be used to publish interactive data to the web. Once on the web, anyone can interact with the data, download it, or create their own visualizations from it. No programming skills are required. Free
Google Public Data Data sets Service that lets users easily take public data -pulled from the US Census Bureau - and transform it into an infographic. Embedded charts and links can be updated automatically so users are always sharing the latest available data. Free
Many Eyes Data sets It consists of a collection of data visualizations that can be viewed, modified and discussed with other users. Free version: visualizations can be created only from existing data sets.

Paid version: members can upload their own data.

Flux VFX Video It consists of a repository of templates created with Adobe After Effects that users can download. All photos/videos and text areas can be easily filled in with personal content. Templates have to be paid for.
Stat Silk Video Tool for creating interactive maps using data available from their data sets. Free
Hohli Charts Chart builder that allows the creation of a wide range of charts (e.g Venn diagrams, lines, bar and pie charts, scatter plots). Free
Creately Diagrams and charts It lets users create diagrams and flow charts, which can be edited by multiple users at the same time thanks to its Online Collaboration feature. Available in two versions: online and desktop. The desktop version needs a paying license.

Free online version: it offers a limited number of diagrams, users and collaborators. Paid online version: it allows group of people working on unlimited diagrams and projects.

Cacoo Diagrams Drawing tool that allows users to create a variety of diagrams (e.g. site maps, wire frames, UML and network charts) and collaborate online with other editors. One of its best features is that it can be associated to your Google+ account to share diagrams during a live video chat in Google+ Hangouts. Free version: it allows exporting only into PNG format for a maximum of 25 sheets; shared folders and editors are limited.

Paid versions: more services are available, as unlimited shared folders and editors.

Vizify's Tweetsheet Twitter Tool for monitoring Twitter activity. In a few seconds, it transforms a number of tweets, the most-retweeted posts, top followers, geographic impact and favorite themes into an infographic. Free
Wordle Wordle cloud “Word clouds” generator from texts that users provide. It is possible to personalize the clouds with different fonts, layouts and color schemes. Users can print images out, save them to the Wordle gallery to share with others or embed them into blogs and websites. Free Generic Easy to use online tool to create infographics. The user can drag and drop a theme onto a canvas; insert images, icons and text boxes; customize sizes and colors. Free